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Happy 48th birthday to @richsrobinson! Remembering #TheBlackCrowes' Southern Harmony...:
Happy 76th birthday @bobdylan - Playing loud "Highway 61 Revisited" (1965)
1997/2017, @radiohead #OkComputer XX Anniversary. The record that the world needed back then:…
RT @opry: "As a band that's steeped in history, being able to play that [#Opry] stage is indescribable." – @MidlandOfficial…
On your marks...get set...go! Launch week #Queen In 3D #book from @DrBrianMay. Can't wait 4 it!
RT @DrBrianMay: And please see my comments on this very disappointing and misleading piece of journalism, on Bri's Soapbox.…
Discover the fine art of #guitar making from @MOVGuitars. Check this out: #MadeInItaly
Sweeeeeet Lisa! :)
Celebrating #TajMahal 75 birthday! Here's our tribute to the living legend of blues:
So sad to hear the news about #ChrisCornell’s passing. #RIP Chris. Thank you for the music…
Celebrating #RobertFripp 71st birthday. Here's our tribute to @DGMHQ founder
Happy 38th birthday to @danauerbach! Our review of the great "El Camino" album by @theblackkeys…
Celebrating @BobSeger 72nd birthday. Here's our tribute: "Rock of the working class".
Celebrating #RobertJohnson's 106 anniversary, a Guitar Legend born on May 8, 1911.
Happy 40th birthday @JBONAMASSA May the gods forgive him! ;)
Sweeeet @lisaplaysguitar! :)
"@WillieNelson and Trigger, the #love story between a man and a #guitar"
.@WillieNelson turned 84 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Maestro!
Review: Born Under A Bad Sign (1967), the crowning piece by #AlbertKing -
Happy 66th birthday to @ace_frehley! - Review: Origins Vol.I (2016)
#Italian luthier #CaminadaGuitars is on! Here for sale: Echoes TL 2016…
Remembering #JohnnyThunders (june 15, 1952 - April 23, 1991). Our tribute to the father of #punk:…
.@peterframpton turned 67 yesterday. Happy birthday, Maestro!
Here for sale: PEDULLA RAPTURE 5 BASS in mint condition
@lisaplaysguitar @GuitarHeadsNet @guitarjunky6 @GuitarKevin_ @guitarphil1 @GuitarPickArt @GuitarPickZone…
Review: "Ten" from @PearlJam, "On the path to the classics"
RT @CrisMendez_: Preciosa entrevista de @massimo_dangelo para @GuitarsExchange GRACIAS!!
RT @CrisMendez_: Entrevista súper chula con los amigos de @GuitarsExchange
Review: #DeepPurple's Made in Japan ('72), the culmination of their classical training
@lisaplaysguitar @WellspringCBG @PureSalem @guitarvarnes @RiffExchange @GuitarsonSofas @FrankDeimel…