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RT @EastwoodGuitars: It's back:
.@TheDoors' Strange Days 50th anniversary. Still wild and wonderful: #record #NowPlaying
Remembering #johnbonham (#LedZeppelin, The Complete BBC Sessions:
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.@waltertrout returning to his best form. "We're All In This Together" Check it out:
.@TheDoors released “Strange Days” 50 years ago today. #record #vinyl #music #NowPlaying #guitar
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RT @_DavidGilmour: We're now just five days from the release of #LiveAtPompeii! Here's a great clip of The Great Gig In The Sky from the li…
Acclaimed soul singer Charles Bradley has died after losing his battle with cancer (23.09.2017). #rip #Soul
Nevermind was released 26 years ago today. @Nirvana #music #NowPlaying #record
"The Razors Edge" was released 27 years ago today. @acdc @vinylradar #Records #music #NowPlaying
Coming soon to the #legend of #RoyBuchanan. Stay tuned!
RT @vinylradar: This day in music / Sept 24, 1991 Nirvana released 'Nevermind'
RT @jeffbeckmusic: Happy 73rd birthday Bobby Tench!
#HappyBirthday @springsteen
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Thanks for sharing!
"Learning how to make his guitar talk". #HappyBirthday @springsteen:
Want #Punk's tone? Check this out:
"B.B. King - had it all, did it all, loved by all" BB's best collaborations:
Celebrating @joanjett's bday. Our tribute to a strong/classy/independently-minded rocker:
Sweeeeeet Lisa!!!! :)
Want Jimi's tone? Check this out:
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#HappyBirthday @joanjett!
Album Review: "Villains" by @qotsa "Rock and roll is back on the dance floor":
Celebrating @donfelder birthday. Album Review: #TheEagles, #HotelCalifornia (1976)
Happy birthday @donfelder!
"The 10 best @JimiHendrix covers"
#HappyBirthday @litaford. Rock legend still running hard
.@JimiHendrix, the Big Bang of our world... Find your own way to his sound here:
"Still running hard" @litaford Interview by Paul Rigg. Check it out:
Discover the art of #guitar-making of Franfret Guitars.
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#JoshHomme puts the pedal to the metal. Review of "Songs for the Deaf" by @qotsa: